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Undocumented Students (AB540)

Resources for Immigrant Families

Please go to this page for information about AUSD's Safe Haven Resolution, the City's Sanctuary City proclamation, and other resources about the status of immigrant families in our school district and community.

For updates and support about the DACA Program please click HERE

Under our new President, it has been unclear about what actions will take place in the next days, months, or years. Therefore, it is important for all students and families to know their rights and get legal assistance for status. For Bay Area immigration resources please click here.  In California, undocumented students may still apply to college and received Cal Grants (with AB540 eligibility). Please see your counselor for more support.   

California Dreamers

6 Things Undocumented Students Need to Know About College

1. You can go to college.
2. You are not alone.
3. You can find a college that fits you. 
4. You'll apply like any other student.
5. Your options may change.
6. You can find resources to help you. 


  • You are not alone. Thousands of undocumented students have gone to college in the US and graduated. This won't be easy but you can do it.
  • Get comfortable asking for help. Find people you can trust to help you navigate the college process.
  • Practice telling "your story" as many private scholarships require a face-to-face interview.
  • Even if you intend to go to UC, CSU, or private school, you should apply to your local community college as a backup plan.
  • Once in college, join student support groups (AB540 student groups) to network and find out about other scholarship opportunities.
  • Go back to your community and share your story with other younger students in your same situation.

Stories and Poems by Immigrant Students.